2017 Online Payments

Here's the amount owed for the Zhik order Fall 2017. 

The Amount Owed is the total cost of gear and shipping. 

The If Paid Paypal it includes the 2.9%+.30 fee it costs us to provide online payment. 

The amounts available in the giving menu reflect the online payment cost. 



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Payments are NOT tax deductible.

$222.19   $56.94   $51.74   $62.14   $422.77   $5.44   $269.42   $129.69   $56.94   $274.67   $114.10   $59.49   $170.74   $73.83   $129.69   Other $

These pretzels are making me thirsty.

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Contributions are tax-deductible, however we advise that you contact your tax professional for guidance, direction, or further details. 


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